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SpeechLink offers both in-home and at-school speech-language therapy for convenience and comfort of our clients and their families.

SpeechLink Offers Speech Therapy

Individual Therapy 

Speech and Language Pathology Assessment

As part of speech/language assessment, we interview the parents to obtain a case history. Furthermore, we observe and evaluate speech and language skills of a child. We are doing so while observing kids at play. If necessary, we will conduct speech therapy standardized testing. With parents’ consent, we might obtain information from other professionals who interact with the child.

Speech-Language Therapy

As a result of the Assessment, our speech therapist will set the goals to facilitate self-expression, language and communication skills. We incorporate play into every session, making speech and language therapy fun and positive experience.


In addition, in order to multiply our efforts in setting and reaching the same goals in speech and language development, we are happy to consult with other professionals who may work with your child.

Smart Group Activities

Furthermore, our social groups assist kids having difficulties communicating and playing with their peers. As a rule, fun activities include role-playing and playing games, whereby kids learn to listen, understand, take turns, share, stay on topic, and more.

We provide speech and language therapy in English, Russian, Hebrew, and Farsi.