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Do You Help Your Child Develop Creativity?
Give honest answers to the questions below and check yourself, if you were able to create a favorable atmosphere for your child to develop his creative personality. Questionnaire I answer all my child’s questions in the most patient and honest way. Do you take all your child’s questions and statements seriously? I have a display of my child’s recent works. I help my child to make plans and decisions....

Your Stubborn Child at Different Ages
What is  a stubborn child? Stubborn children and stubborn teenagers are stubborn for unknown reason. Speech pathologists notice this phenomena and find solution to it. One of the first words after mom, dad and give in the stubborn child vocabulary is "I do not want to". Immediately, parents should start paying attention to the wishes of their offspring. However, […]

Role-Play Games for Kids
If a child has come to you with a request to "play", brought his/her favorite teddy bears or horses just the look of which makes you sick and tired, do not get frustrated, use one of these ideas to quickly come up with a role-playing game ...

Your baby’s speech and language skills from birth to 30 months
From the time they are born, children start communicating. Very early in their lives, they learn to understand what you are saying and to make sounds of their own. They are beginning to develop speech and language skills. As a rule, those skills will help them to make friends and learn how to read. Furthermore, later those skills will help them to succeed at school and in life …

Your preschool child’s speech and language development
Your preschool child is busy talking, exploring and playing. All of these activities are important for his or her growth and development – and for learning communication skills. Your child will need well-developed communication skills when it’s time to start going to school – to make friends, learn new things, and start learning to read […]

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